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Acid-resistant stainless steel sheet

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Acid-resistant stainless steel sheet
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Acid-resistant stainless steel sheet

Acid-resistant stainless steel sheet AISI 316

Nice polished finish on the upper side

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Cut to your measurements

Can be cut with an angle grinder

Weight: A sheet measuring 1000 x 1000 x 1 mm weighs 8 kg., i.e. 1 cm3 weighs 0.008 kg.

Acid-resistant steel is a term for stainless steel with at least 2% molybdenum (Mo). Molybdenum is of great importance for the steel’s corrosion resistance, i.e. how well the steel can resist different types of corrosion.

We recommend using acid-resistant steel on boats, in swimming pools, and generally for objects that are permanently or often under water. Acid-resistant steel can also be of benefit for use with wood, as the acid content of the wood does not corrode the steel. It is also a good choice for outdoor play areas, terraces, etc.

An acid-resistant steel sheet looks incredibly similar to a regular stainless steel sheet; in fact, you cannot even see the difference.

Acid-resistant steel sheets are easy for you to cut. Use an angle grinder or, for thin sheets, shears.

Acid-resistant stainless steel sheets have a great-looking, polished upper side. Thick sheets are very strong, and thin steel sheets can be bent.

Sheets are delivered with a protective film.

Steel sheets can be moulded by means of heat exposure.
Note: This sheet is not magnetic. For this, use the magnetic stainless sheet - this is, however, not acid-resistant. Contains approx. 8% nickel.