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Frequently asked questions and answers FAQ

  • What is the difference between rust proof and stainless steel?
    There is no difference if it's rust proof or stainless, it is simply two words for the same thing.
  • Can stainless steel rust?
    No, but rust film can be added.
  • What is rust film?
    Rust film are some particles in the air 
  • What is the difference on acid-resistant steel, stainless steel and regular steel?
    Acid-resistant steel consists of 10-12 % chromium and nickel. In the stainless steel there is no nickle and in regular steel there is only iron.
  • What kind of iron/steel do you use?
    Our assortment primarily consists of S235, AISI 316, AISI 304 as well as variants of aluminum, brass and copper. 
  • I want my steel sheets in a special measure. Can you do that?
    Yes, we cut on your measures, but in squares. See steel sheet after measure here , and Stainless steel sheet after measure here.
  • What is the weight of the different steel types?
    1000 x 1000 x 1 mm in stainless and iron weights 8 kf. and in alu 2,8 kg.
  • I would like to adjust my steel sheet, how do i do that?
    You need a angle grinder with a cutter or a power shears for thin sheets.
  • What other kind of steel products do you have?
  • How should i adjust my stainless steel table surface?
    You need a angle grinder with a cutter or a jigsaw with a metal blade.
  • Can I use a regular CO2 welder for welding stainless steel?
    No, you cannot do that special equipment is required.
  • Can you weld steel sheets and pipes together?
    Yes, but a certain amount of experience and the right equipment are needed. 
  • How fast does my iron sheet rust?
    Normal weather, around 2 - 3 weeks.
  • What is rust, and why does it come?
    Rust is iron and oxygen combined.
  • Is there anything I can do to make my iron sheet rust faster?
    Yes by adding water to the sheet.
  • How do I remove rust from a steel sheet?
    Use a steel brush or sandpapir to remove the rust, then dry the sheet with treatment oil.
  • Can I paint on top of rust?
    No, it needs to be removed first, since you risk that the paint does not attach properly.
  • What does your treatment oil help for?
    If you add the oil on a iron sheet then it will not rust and there will be no rust film either.
  • I would like to polish my steel sheet to a  glassy surface, how do i do?
    It can be done, but it required experience and the tools for it.
  • I would like to shape/bend my sheet, how do i do that?
    It can be done, but it required experience and the tools for it.
  • Is there removed burr on top of the sheets I buy from you?
    Yes there is.
  • How do i remove the burr after i have been cutting in the iron?
    Use a file designed to treat steel.
  • I would like to have a anti-slip steel sheet as a ramp for my trailer or door, do you have some?
    Yes, we have stainless, skridsikre dørkplader i aluminium. They are very practicle and not especially heavy because of the lightweight aluminium.  
  • Is acid-proof,stainless steel and refular iron magnetic?
    Acid-proof and stainless steel is not magnetic, but iron is. 
  • My steel sheet seems dirty and greasy after i have received it. Is that normal? and what do i do?
    Yes, normally it is greasy, because that protects the steel sheet and the dust can be from the air, with water and sope you can get it fixed.
  • How do i get my iron edges to hit the ground?
    The massive iron edges for the garden is the hardenst to get into the ground without haveing to setup a line and do the inauguration all over again.