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Steel sheets

Choose between different types of steel sheets customized to your requested size: Stainless steel, which is a stainless grinded sheet that does not corrode, an ordinary iron sheet that corrodes and over time becomes an auburn colour, and a magnetic stainless steel sheet, suitable as a magnet board. Ordinary stainless steel is not magnetic, therefore, use the magnetic steel sheet for a magnet board. You can cut or drill into all steel sheets with an angle grinder or a metal drill. Both the stainless sheet and the magnetic stainless steel sheet have a brushed surface. Maintain all the steel sheets with care oil for longevity.

We also offer chequer tread sheets in aluminium. These are smart non-skid steel sheets that do not corrode, and contain millings that ensure a good foothold. Perfect for non-skid ramps, doors, trailers, wheelchairs, etc.

We cut the steel sheets to your requested measurements.

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