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Shipping and delivery

Delivery time:

The delivery time is 4 – 10 weekdays for products on HM steel shop. Steel that has to be galvanized has a longer delivery time, typically on 15 – 20  weekdays. Steel vessels which have to be welded on the factory also has a longer delivery time, typically 20 – 25 weekdays.

Massive stainless steel sheets in 5 and 6mm will be chipped on measures. There might occur longer delivery time, typically 1-3 working days extra.

It is possible that lengths / dimensions are out of stock, in this case you will be contacted by one of us with a new delivery time.


Shipping price:

The price for a delivery of steel sheets and steel pipes vary from £0.00 and up to £94.90 which depends on the volume and sizes.

Larger sheets are delivered with a carrier, smaller sheets are delivered with DHL.

For islands which are not connected to a bridge the delivery will be at the nearest harbour.

It is not possible to collect the goods on your own to save shipping costs.