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Steel and iron for private and business sells steel and iron sheets on measure, both products come in stainless and regular. We cut in the measures you want. Furthermore, we have large selection of rectangular steel pipes, round steel pipes and solid steel pipes. All of which can be cut in the measures you want.

Steel sheets / Iron sheets sells steel and iron sheets on measure. We sell stainless steel sheets that can be used outside and iron sheets that will rust into beautiful red colour. The stainless steel sheets have a beautiful polished surface. Our minimum size on steel sheets are 200 x 200mm and no more than 1500 x 3000mm. The width vary from 1.25mm and up to 6mm. See the cheap stainless steel sheets here, and the regular iron sheets here.

Rectangular steel pipes

We have rectangular steel pipes in multiple sizes. They vary from 20 x 20mm and up to 50 x 50mm in diameter, and up to 6000mm in length. We have rectangular stainless steel pipes and regular rectangular iron pipes that will rust. Rectangular steel pipes can be used as table legs, strings, shell supporters and much else. See the rectangular iron pipes here and the rectangular stainless steel pipes here.

Noticeboards in steel

Nice cheap noticeboards in magnetic steel. Lightweight models that does not weigh much. A practical noticeboard in magnetic steel, so it’s easy to pin things on it with magnets. Easy to install on the wall with hidden mountings. We sell noticeboards in 3 different sizes. See the noticeboards in steel here.

Round steel pipes

We have round steel pipes in solid steel as well as hollow pipes. These two types are sold in regular iron and stainless steel. Our steel pipes have a diameter between 20 and 50mm and up to 6000mm in length. Steel pipes can be used as table legs, strings, shell supporters and much else. You can order the steel and decoration pipes on measure here.

Stain sheets

A stain sheet in stainless steel to protect the wall behind the stove is a must. We sell rectangular stain sheets on measure, so that you can have them in the size you want. They are easily installed on the wall with silicone.

Iron borders for plant beds

Nothing is more beautiful and unique than an iron border around the bed. It gives these nice sharp edges and the grass is easy to cut. We have 2 kinds: a cheap version with a bended edge, and a unique version in solid 5mm iron. After a while the edges will rust and get a beautiful redly brown colour, which will complement the other colours of the garden perfectly. You can get the iron borders in the exact measures you want, up to 6000mm. You can order the iron borders for plant beds here.

Steel tubs

We sell big and small steel tubs that can be used for gardening. Use the iron and steel tubs for flower bowls, the iron ones can also be used for water tubs. The steel tub is welded in all seams and is completely tight, so that it holds water. After a while, the iron tubs will rust and become a redly brown. It fits beautifully in the garden. See the iron tubs here.

Non-slip steel sheet

We also have non-slip chequer sheets in aluminium for walking areas, trailers, or similar places where you be sure not to slip. It’s very practical and we have different widths. And of course, we cut them in the measures you want.