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Chequer Treadplate in aluminium

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    Chequer Treadplate in aluminium

    Non-slip surface

    Produced in lightweight aluminium

    Suitable as a ramp or chute

    Made in Denmark

    Chequer treadplate in non-skid aluminium. The well-known non-skid chequer treadplate in aluminium with the characteristic grooves ensures a good foothold.

    This plate is often used as non-skid base in trailer, ramps for doors and equivalent.

    does not rust, and can be cut with an angle grinder.

    2 mm with 2 mm grooves weighs 6.3 kg/m2
    3 mm with 2 mm grooves weighs 9kg/m2
    5 mm with 2 mm Grooves weighs 15kg/m2