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Copper sheet

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    Copper sheet

    Copper sheet cut to your measurements

    Perfect for DIY projects

    Aesthetically pleasing red-brown colour

    Can be cut with an angel grinder

    Copper has an aesthetically pleasing red-brown colour with a distinctive cut. The metal is soft, malleable and very pliable. The most characteristic feature of the copper is its high thermal and electrical conductivity. Here, the copper is surpassed only by silver. The best conductivity is achieved when the metal is clean and not cold-processed.

    Copper is noble and has a good resistance to corrosion of hydrogen peroxide and weak acids. A copper sheet is easy to cut. Use an angle grinder or a hack-saw.

    NB: Copper is a delicate metal and is delivered without protective film. This means that it can be slightly scratched when you receive it. However, the metal can be polished/sanded, so that it becomes nice and shiny again. Watch video below information.

    Available in several thicknesses and sizes up to 1000mm x 2000mm.

    Steel type: Copper sheet Cu-DHP semi-hard