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Solid iron borders for garden beds

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  •  5mm jernkanter
Solid iron borders for garden beds
Stålkant til bedJernkant der ruster omkring havebedeJernkanter til havebede
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Solid iron borders for garden beds

Exclusive iron borders for garden beds

Provides a sleek sharp border between e.g. garden bed and lawn.
Quickly rusts to a colour that fits in nicely with the garden colours

Cut to your measurements

Can be cut with an angle grinder

Made in Denmark

5 mm thick iron borders.

120mm height is fine, if the iron border is only to function as lawn border right above ground level. If the borders are to stick up further, you should choose 150mm or 200mm.

The garden architect's choice is solid iron edges as garden bed boundary. Iron edges provides a great and efficient boundary between the lawn and the garden beds, or between gravel and garden beds.

The iron edges are available in untreated steel, so the iron edges rust fast and develop nicely in the garden.

Iron edges for garden beds can easily be cut with an angle grinder.

Even when the iron edges rust and they are in moist soil, they will last for many years.


Place a string and use a spade alongside the string, in order to make a straight groove. Place the iron edge in the groove. Knock the iron edge in place with a rubber hammer so that the edge is not damaged.

Make sure that the iron edge has been sufficiently knocked down, so that the lawnmower can pass without the knives being damaged by the iron edge.