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Solid round brass bar

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    Solid round brass bar

    Solid round brass bar, cut to your measurements

    Perfect for DIY steel projects

    Aesthetically pleasing golden color

    Can be cut with an angle grinder

    Brass has an aesthetically golden color. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc but can be combined with other metals in order to strengthen the metal.

    NB: Brass is a delicate metal, and is delivered without protective foil, which means that the metal might be scratched when you receive it. It is essential to address that the metal easily can be polished or grinded, which will make it nice and shiny.
    Watch a video about how to polish and grind copper, brass and aluminum under the information section.

    A flat steel brass bar is easy to cut - use an angle grinder or a hacksaw.

    Length up to 2900 mm.

    Steel type:F Solid round lat steel brass bar MS58