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Unequal-sided angle steel

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    Unequal-sided angle steel

    Iron, cut to your requirements

    Perfect for DIY steel projects

    Rusts to an auburn colour

    Can be cut with an angle grinder

    An angle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it will rust over time when exposed to the humidity in the air. Therefore, it will rust more quickly outdoor. If you would like to encourage the corrosion process, add water to the angle iron.

    A steel bar is easy to cut by yourself. Use an angle grinder or a hacksaw.

    Angle in ordinary iron can be welded together with a MIG welder.

    Angle iron unequal-sided 30x20x4 mm
    Width: 30 mm
    Height: 20 mm
    Steel thickness: 4 mm
    Weight per metre 1.45 kg.

    The angle is available in dimensions from 30x20x4 mm up to 200x100x14 mm. Length up to 2900 mm.