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Perforeret stålplade m. runde huller

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    Perforeret stålplade m. runde huller

    Perforated steel sheet cut on your measurements
    Perfect for DIY projects
    Rusts to a auburn colour
    Can be cut with an angel grinder

    A perforated steel sheet can be used both indoors and outdoors. The steel sheet will rust over time when the steel comes into contact with the moisture in the air. Therefore, the sheet will rust more quickly outdoors. If you want to promote the rust process, then the sheet can be supplied with saline water and sunlight.

    A perforated steel sheet is easy to cut Use an angle grinder or an iron saw. We can also cut the sheet for you. Note, however, that the sheet will not have a smooth edge all the way, as we will have to cut through the holes in the sheet.

    A perforated steel sheet can be welded with a CO2 welder.

    Available in several thicknesses and sizes up to 1000mm x 2000mm.

    Steel type: Perforated steel sheet in DC01 cold-rolled. Straight rows parallel to the length.